AREA 51

The facilities are located in a southern region of Nevada, about 133 km northwest of the city of Las Vegas. Centrally located along the wastelands of Lake Groom, it is a vast military airfield.The main objective of the base is undetermined, however, based on historical evidence, it is likely that they are carrying out research and development with advanced weapon systems and tests on experimental aircraft that are not officially recognized by the United States Government.



1.De qué se trata el texto.

2.¿Cuál es la intención de los autores?

3.Escriba las ideas principales en orden de importancia.


1.what is the text about.

2.what is the authors intention.

3. write the main ideas in order of importance.


1.el texto trata sobre el area 51(base secreta del gobierno de EE.UU). intencion del autor es informar sobre el area 51(base secreta del gobierno de EE.UU).

3. las ideas principales son:

°informar que es.

°para que es.

° para que se creo.

° y que pasa si entras

                           QUEASTIAN IN INGLISH

1. The text is about area 51 (secret base of the US government).

2. The intention of the author is to report on area 51 (secret base of the US government).

3. The main ideas are:

° Report what it is.

° for what it is.

° to be believed.

° and what happens if you enter





Soy Martha, nací en Cali y uno de mis lugares de vacaciones favoritos es Cartagena. Realmente me gusta el clima allí porque nunca hace frío. La gente también es muy agradable. La comida es muy buena. Cartagena es una ciudad muy interesante para visit.t tiene algunos museos geniales y muchos edificios antiguos fascinantes. los hoteles no son caros de hospedar. por ejemplo, puede alojarse en uno de los resorts de playa como decameron. si planea visitar colombia, definitivamente debería ver el playas de nuestro pais.


i am martha,i was born in cali and one of mi favorite vacation places is cartagena i really like the weather there because it never gets cold.the people are very nice too.the food is really good.cartagena is a very intereting city to has some great museums and lots of fascinating old buildings.the hotels are not expensive to stay.for example,you can stay at one of the beach resorts like decameron.if you are planning to visit colombia,you should definitely see the beaches of our country.


Ed Sheeran - perfect


1.I found a love for me,Darling just dive right in And follow my lead

Ai found a lov for me, darling yas daiv rai in anb follow mai lid

2.Well, I found a girl, beautiful and sweet. I never knew you were the someone waiting for me.

wel ai faund a georl biuiful an swit,al neber niu llu wer de som wan uerin for mi

3.'Cause we were just kids when we fell in love, Not knowing what it was

. Coz ui wer llas kids juen wi fel in lov,nat noin wat it wos

4.I will not give you up this timeBut darling, just kiss me slow

, Ai wil nat giv iu ap dis tain,bat darling llas kis mi eslow,

5. your heart is all I own And in your eyes you're holding mine

Llur jart is ol ai un, an in llur ais llur joldin main

6.Baby, I'm dancing in the dark with you between my arms

Aim dancing in the darck,wit bituin mai arms

7.Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song

berfut on de gras,lisenin tu aur feibri song

8.When you said you looked a mess, I whispered underneath my breath

juen llu sed llu luk ei mess,ai wisper andernit mai bret

9.But you heard it, darling, you look perfect tonight

Bat llu jir it darling,llu luk perfet tunait

10.Well I found a woman, stronger than anyone I know

wel ai faund ei woman estronger dan eni uan ai now

11.She shares my dreams, I hope that someday I'll share her home

chi cher mai drims ai jop dat somdei ail cher jer jom

12.I found a love, to carry more than just my secrets

To carry love, to carry children of our own ai fraund ei lov tu carri mor dan llust mai sicrets tu carri lov, tu carri children ov aur aun

my presentation

  1. my name is luis alejandro guerrero quintero                                                                    

  2. I live in Colombia in the city of Cali                                                                                    

  3. I am twelve years old and I am in June

  4. I live with my mom, my aunt and my cousin

  5. I have three dogs the most affectionate is Juan 

  6. my phone number is three ten five ninety-three thirty-four twenty-nine email is

  8. I have spider phobia  

  9. I really like dogs

  10. My dad lives in Newfoundland, Jamundi lives with my brother


My name is Luis Alejandro Guerrero Quintero. I was born in Cali Colombia, on June 29, 2006 My hair is brown and my eyes are brown and. I am medium high and I like pizza, my phone number is three ten five ninety three thirty-four twenty-nine and my email is I am a good person and I get along with all . FAMILY  I live in Cali Colombia, neighborhood, model city. calle, simon bolivar live with my mom, my aunt, my cousin and my pets My father is forty-four years old, and he works in an egg sale my mother is forty years old, and she works in a professional accountant . My brother's name is Juan Camilo Guerrero Quintero is a nursing assistant. My pet is a pincher his name is Juan The weekend I go with my family for a walk  SCHOOL I study in a public school called high school departmental high school, I'm in seventh grade, my group is 7-8, my favorite classes are math and science, the class I do not like is social science. I have many, my best friend is Daniel. Study from Monday to Friday in the afternoon. HOBBIES- My favorite television show is. I do not watch television, my favorite sport is bmx. I like to play with my friends. . I like watching movies. What I like to do on the weekend is go to the movies. The food that I like is pizza. The country I want to know is New York. The musical instrument that I would like to play is the flute.

Province Descendant of a family of Basque origin established in Venezuela since the end of the 16th century that occupied a prominent economic and social position in the. They are of Colonel Juan Vicente Bolívar and María de la Concepción Palacios y Blanco. I had three older brothers, María Antonia, Juana and Juan Vicente, as well as another girl, María del Carmen, who died at birth. Before his third birthday, Simon lost his father, who died in January 1786. The education of the children was carried out by the mother. His upbringing was entrusted to Luisa de Mijares and later to the black Hipolita. I have studied with teachers such as Andrés Bello and Simón Rodríguez. At 15, Bolivar was already an orphan of father and mother. His uncle and tutor Don Carlos Palacios, made him move to Madrid to continue his studies. With only 19 years of age, on May 26, 1802, I have married María Teresa del Toro and Alayza, returning to Caracas to devote himself to agriculture in the inherited estates. On January 22, 1803, his wi Simón Bolívar returned to Spain and extended his studies with the guidance of Marquis Gerónimo de Ustáriz, who introduced him to the reading of ancient and modern classics, philosophers and great thinkers.